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Jose Veliz is a performance management subject matter expert and master facilitator with over 37 years of hands-on human resources experience.

His passionate, energic, and engaging style earned him the reputation of 'the PM evangelist. He encourages clients to be candid about their experiences and pain points, and challenges them to be introspective and solution-focused.

​A fierce advocate of staff and managers struggling with issues in the workplace, his insight, honesty, and pragmatic approach has helped teams across the United Nations system pave a way forward. 


A multi-cultural communicator, José has worked with teams in dozens of countries across all continents, and understands the nuances and complexities of international mission-driven organizations.



Strengthening  organizational performance requires an 'all hands on deck' approach.  I leverage my network professional colleagues as thought partners to ensure that my clients receive comprehensive, actionable, and sustainable advice.   

ReformWorks is an independent and impartial research organization that provides business intelligence for effective management and administrative decision-making in international organizations. Our research focuses on management challenges and best practices specific to international organizations and analyzes how different approaches impact organizational performance.

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